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Hi, thanks for taking the trouble to detour here. Tarry for awhile if you would 🙂

My name is Leo, known variously as Passi (a shortened version of my surname) or Lee to friends and family. I am the progeny of a Cypriot-Greek father and Anglo-Irish mother, both of whom were born and raised in Rhodesia. I was born in the UK whilst the opposing parties in the Rhodesian Bush War negotiated a compromise, one that still holds only in part and only very tenuously. Once that had been realised I was whisked away to a newly independent nation, Zimbabwe where I spent the better part of the next 30 years of my life. Truth be told I prefer to be identified as an African because that’s where I spent my formative years, never mind the distinctive accent!

Since 2009 I have lived in several places in the UK, chief amongst them London, Luton and Bournemouth. For the last 3.5 years I have resided in an intentional community on the south bank of the River Rhine in the far west of Germany with my small family. I have self-published one book, a memoir of sorts, called Between Two Worlds: The Life of a Jet-Setting Vagrant, (see below) and blogged on all sorts of things.

Please feel free to peruse my posts and leave any feedback you feel inclined to share.

A sample from the paperback version of the book can be downloaded from the following location (includes verso page, chapter index, introduction and most of chapter 6): Sample

Between Two Worlds: The Account of a Jet-Setting Vagrant

Link to Amazon Kindle Store

Link to Paperback Version

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